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French language support in Create Time Dimension App

With the most excellent help of Microsoft Excel MVP Frédéric LE GUEN there is now a French language option in the Create Time Dimension App. As expected, it will generate all headings and names in French.

Please visit the following sites for more information on Excel from Frédéric:

Release 3 of Create Time Dimension App now available

Release 3 of the Create Time Dimension App is now live. This version brings Czech language support and ISO-8601 week numbers.

The update is made on the server so it is available for everyone right away, no update needed on the Excel/Client side.

Big thanks to Petr Havlik (Twitter: https://twitter.com/petrhavlik) for helping with the Czech translation.

Please note that the ISO-8601 week numbers are just one way of expressing week numbers and might not be what you want. The week numbers start on Mondays per definition and does not change when changing the week start day. If you would like to use another week numbering format you can still add a column using the =WEEKNUM(date, week number system) formula in Excel.


My blog has now had some 20000 views.

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Time for a little celebration.

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