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Error. An unhandled exception occurred in the Silverlight Application when creating a document library in SharePoint 2010


If the web page security validation is turned off, the above error message might be presented when trying to create a document library or list in SharePoint 2010.

To change the setting, log into Central Administration, manage the web app and change the general settings of the web app to enable security validation.




Outlook fails to send mails with international/extended characters – Misslyckad klientåtgärd

After an unknown update to my main Windows environment, this error message appeared when I tried to send some emails:


Why, yes… its in Swedish. It mentions that an operation failed… And asks if the information was helpful.

Not really, some more details as to what failed and what to do about it would have been more helpful.

After scratching my head a bit I figured that it was because the name of the recipient had an extended or international character in their name.

So… my address-book is full of proper names, with é’s and åäö’s etc. in them.

Now Outlook can’t send emails to them and the only available workaround at the moment is to remove the offending characters from the name… welcome back to 1996 :|

Can anyone tell me what’s going on and how to get operations back to normal again?