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Cube Status – a new open source project for BI in SharePoint

I have released my Cube Status project (http://cubestatus.codeplex.com) to http://www.codeplex.com.


This web part for SharePoint provides the possibility to visualize both the current status of a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube or tabular model (BISM) and some of its metadata.

This web part can be used in BI portal type pages in SharePoint to show the current status of a cube used for reports and analysis. This means that there is no need to guess the update status or last process time etc. of a cube.

Both the source code and a .wsp solution file for deployment are available for download from the project page: http://cubestatus.codeplex.com

This project is described in more detail here

This project also works quite well together with the SQL Server Agent Job Status project found at http://jobstatus.codeplex.com and with more details here

Please, feel free to suggest updates and new features etc. either here on the blog or on CodePlex.

SQL Server Agent job status web part for SharePoint

I have released a small web part for SharePoint that displays the current status of a SQL Server Agent job as a colored icon and displays status messages as text.

The solution and the source code is available at:


Here is a screenshot of how it might look in a standard SharePoint 2007 team site.


Why would anyone want this?

Sometimes SQL Server Agent jobs take some time to complete and other systems might rely on that job to complete before any useful information can be extracted from them. One example is slow import jobs done through an agent job. To be able to provide the user with the status means they know if the jobs are done or not.

This is available for download and immediate use free of charge from the codeplex site, no programming needed if you are happy with the current implementation. The source code is quite uncomplicated and anyone should be able to rework it if needed.