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Unable to create folder in SharePoint 2013 library


This error, “Sorry, something went wrong. The aspx_debug attribute on the page directive is not allowed in this page” occurs when trying to create a folder in some types of document libraries, such as the Report Document Library used for SQL Server Reporting Services report documents in SharePoint 2013.

The error comes from some bad /Upload.aspx files that are used by SharePoint 2013.

identifying the upload file for a Report Document Library gives us this standard file path:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\ReportsAndDataListTemplates\ReportDocumentLibrary\Upload.aspx

The standard contents:


By updating the contents with something that makes more sense we can get the folder creation feature to work again:


Do note that all page directives needs to go, and we need to update the UIVersion property from 15 to 4 otherwise we just get new exciting errors.

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Lönar sig en investering i Business Intelligence?

Den 17de maj pratar jag om och demonstrerar verksamhetsnyttan i en investering i Microsofts BI plattform under ett seminarie på Microsoft.

In English: On May 17th I will present and demonstrate the business value of an investment in the Microsoft BI platform.

Mer information på Solvers hemsida:

Mer information på Microsofts CloudFacts-sida:

Mer information:

Solver demonstrerar verksamhetsnyttig BI med Microsoft Office 2013 och Sharepoint 2013

Fråga: Hur får min personal tillgång till och möjlighet att förstå och analysera både företagets och sina personliga nyckeltal (KPI)
Svar: – Vi visar effektiva sätt att få tillgång till och analysera de viktigaste nyckeltalen genom intranätets BI-portal

Fråga: Som ansvarig för IT har jag tillstyrkt stora investeringar i avtal med Microsoft, hur drar jag nytta av dessa?
Svar: – Vi visar upp olika exempel hur dessa investeringar kan utvecklas till en verksamhetsanpassad informations- och BI-lösning med standardprodukter från Microsoft

– Kort om Solver
– Microsoft BI, en översikt
– Demonstrationer

När? – Fredagen den 17 maj 8.00 – 10.00 (registrering och kaffe 08.00 – 08.30)
Var? – Microsoft, Finlandsgatan 36, Kista
Anmälan? – Maila din anmälan till eller ring Björn Nylander på 08-24 88 00 för att boka ditt deltagande. O.S.A senast 10 maj. Seminariet är kostnadsfritt men begränsat till 40 deltagare.


Migrating to TFS, Team Foundation Service

As part of the Easter holiday time abundance I am migrating some projects to the TFS service at This is part of the evaluation to see if it works for some of the more complex scenarios we face when developing BI solutions.

Once a project is created the following message greets the creator:

“Your project is created and your team is going to absolutely love this.”


So at least we are off to a good start.

Visual Studio schema compare does not support the specified database

When doing a schema compare from a Visual Studio project to a database hosted in SQL Server the following error message appeared:


This error message appeared because I was using SQL Server 2012 in this specific development environment and hadn’t updated the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to the correct version to support SQL Server 2012.

Solution: Upgrade SSDT for Visual Studio to the latest version and update the database project.


  1. Update SSDT
  2. Update the Data-Tier Application Framework
  3. Update the Project


Visual Studio 2010 (and 2012) Premium and Ultimate support comparison and synchronization of database schemas. this feature is described on MSDN here:

More information

Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools …

…provides an integrated environment for database developers to carry out all their database design work for any SQL Server platform (both on and off premise) within Visual Studio. Database developers can use the SQL Server Object Explorer in VS to easily create or edit database objects and data, or execute queries…

Download the latest SSDT and Power Tools:

Download the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Data-Tier Application Framework (November 2012)

How to: Convert VS 2010 Database Projects to SSDT Database Projects and Re-target to a Different Platform

DocIcon link to item not working in SharePoint 2010

A client upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 surfaced the following unexpected behavior.

When clicking a icon in a list the icon lo longer links to the list item. This was the default behavior in 2007 but is missing in 2010. Since the customer still uses the 2007 user interface everything looks the same and the functionality is just missing. Very confusing for everyone.

I found the following two approaches to work around the missing functionality:

Microsoft Support: SharePoint 2010: Clicking the icon in Type column is highlighting the item instead of launching the document;en-US;2457975

CodePlex solution: DocIcon for SharePoint 2010