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Numbers in perspective

While it is very nice to read about Microsoft’s free cloud service for research:

I couldn’t help noticing that their perspective on numbers are a bit peculiar.




The comparison image they use even fail to link to their sources, you need to type them yourself:

Link to original image in larger format:

While I don’t know much about DNA base pairs, I thought the number of people worldwide was a bit of… Now I know more about the number of base pairs – by verifying the source…

This reminds me of the essay by Edward Tufte on NASA’s use of PowerPoint:

Machine translations, still not a good idea, part 2

Found this out of context translation on my HTC Desire Android phone when it was in locked mode and fully charged (as in the battery was fully charged with juice, not as in it had been charged a fee, accused of committing a crime or involved in some quantum chromodynamics research…)




The translation from the English “charged” ended in the Swedish equivalent with the meaning charged – a fee. A very comforting message to be greeted with by ones phone – here i thought it had been asleep and napping but in reality there was an all night shopping spree =|.

Celebrating Pac-Mans 30th birthday

Today (May 22nd 2010) is the 30th anniversary of the release of the arcade game Pac-Man and I thought it should be celebrated with a look at the PIXELS video from Patrick Jean and onemoreproduction available here on youtube in full HD.

It seems as if everybody is happy for the yellow eating character. Here is a screenshot of the search page for today:


The logo game was naturally playable by clicking the insert coin button on the home page…

Update 2010-05-29: 4.8 million hours was spent on the game according to RescueTime (as reported by DN). The game is still available here in case you missed it.