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Excel Services: Unable to process the request. Wait a few minutes and try performing this operation again.


This error message appeared in a SharePoint 2010 farm/environment when trying to use Excel Services to display a Excel spreadsheet in SharePoint 2010.


Screenshot in English: Excel. Unable to process the request. Wait a few minutes and try performing this operation again.


Screenshot in Swedish: Excel. Det går inte att behandla begäran. Vänta några minuter innan du försöker utföra den här åtgärden igen.

After reviewing the Events and log files and finding error messages such as theese:


Event Viewer: Event 5239, Excel Services Application. There was an error in communicating with Excel Calculation Service (server address on port 32843, standard port for web services address ending with /ExcelService*.asmx)  exception: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.


The issue was that the web site used for the SharePoint Web Services had the ASP.NET Impersonation Authentication method enabled.


The solution is to disable the ASP.NET Impersonation again.

Go to IIS Manager (Start, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager). Expand the Sites node on the server running the Excel Services Service Application. Choose the Authentication icon in the IIS area. Choose ASP.NET Impersonation in the list and disable it using the action link on the right hand side.


Screenshot: IIS Manager, Authentication settings for the SharePoint Web Services.

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APP ERROR: Sorry, we couldn’t load the app because your browser version is not supported

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When installing and running Office Excel 2013 on a host operating system where an Internet Explorer version earlier than IE9 apps will not work. Instead the the following error message will be displayed:



Sorry, we couldn’t load the app because your browser version is not supported. Click here for a list of supported browser versions.

Link to Microsoft support site about supported browser versions.

Snippet from the page:

Apps for Office on the desktop

To host the apps for Office in the Word, Excel, Outlook, and Project desktop programs, use at least Internet Explorer 9 with at least MS12-037: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer: June 12, 2012 installed.

The solution to this problem is to upgrade to a supported browser type and version.

A Comparison of OneNote vs. Evernote on the Microsoft Surface (RT)

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A follow up on the post on Evernote vs. OneNote for Android. This post looks at the note creation features of the Microsoft OneNote 2013 RT that is included in the Microsoft Surface RT tablet and the Evernote app that is available from the Microsoft Store.

The OneNote app that is included with the Surface has about the same feature set as the normal Desktop version of the Office 2013 suite. It runs in desktop mode on the tablet and has all the desktop like interactions and features of the Office 2013 for RT apps.

Evernote is a Microsoft Store App that runs in the ‘Modern UI Style’ (formerly known as Metro) which means either full screen mode or Snap mode where one app is snapped to one edge of the screen. In snap mode it is easy to take notes at the same time as another app is open and visible.

Finding existing notes in Evernote uses the same search functions as all Windows Store Apps, by opening the charms menu there is a search option for Evernote and all other Apps available. Compared to the search options in the Desktop app and the Android app this is quite a poor experience. It is not possible to save searches to create dynamic lists of posts and it is not possible to save the search as a short cut anywhere.

Creating notes in OneNote

The interface in OneNote is very similar to the Windows Office 2013 Desktop Application.


The App runs in window mode and can be resized and moved at will.

Created of notes can include any formatting and object supported. it is easy to insert screenshots with the clipping tool etc.

Creating notes in Evernote

The Evernote note creation experience is of the less is more variant.


There is only plain text input and the only extra options is to choose the notebook the note should be in and the tags to associate with the note.

Snap mode

It is possible to put the note creation interface on either edge of the screen using Snap and use the rest of the screen for another App.


Snap example, use part of the screen for Internet Explorer and part of the screen for Evernote note.

Search for notes in Evernote

The normal view when opening Evernote includes squares of all recent notes.


The opportunity to change view is somewhat limited. by opening the menu options, it is possible to change view based on notebooks and tags and it is possible to change sort order.


It is also possible to zoom out and view navigation based on months.


If you are interested in purchasing a Microsoft Surface RT tablet you should probably read this post (Three days in the life of a once and former Microsoft Surface RT user) from ZDNet first…

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Om Google Nu

(In Swedish)

En post med en liten översikt över Google Nu samt hur det för tillfället skiljer sig beroende på om man har Engelska eller Svenska som språk på sin telefon.

(Detta är exempel som visas på en HTC One X med Android version 4.1.1.)

Exempelkort som berättar hur långt man gått eller cyklat under månaden. (Vilket är helt felaktigt då jag inte cyklat en meter. Antingen går jag fort eller så åker jag bil och tunnelbana långsamt… Längden verkar inte heller riktigt riktig). Under översiktskortet syns väderkortet.


Ytterligare ett exempel på Google Nu, med realtidsövervakning av tunnelbaneavgångar från hemmastationen till jobbet


Google Nu är en funktion inbyggd i Goolges sökfunktion i Android (dock endast för Android version 4.1 eller senare) och kan startas med ett snabbkommando eller genom att starta appen “Google”. Snabbkommandon beror på telefonmodell och konfiguration, på en HTC One X så startar man genom att hålla nere hem/hus-knappen, på andra sveper man upp från botten av skärmen.


Google nu håller reda på en mängd olika saker för anvndaren, till exempel hur lång tid det tar att ta sig hem, till jobbet eller till nästa möte. den håller då reda på vart man är, om man gillar att åka bil eller kommunalt samt vart nästa möte är. Google Nu känner till tunnelbanetiderna i Stockholm och fungerar bra till exempel på morgonen när man skall åka till kontoret.

Google nu visar information i form av kort. olika exempelkort kan man se genom att starta Google Nu och klicka på exempelkortsknappen. När man ställer en fråga till Google Nu får man olika kort som svar om Google Nu kan hitta ett kort som passar. Beroende på om man har Svenska eller Engelska som systemspråk hittar Google Nu olika typer av kort. för tillfället får man fler svar i form av kort på engelska. På frågan om hur gammal jorden är får man följande svar med engelskt systemspråk:


Med svenskt systemspråk:


Mer om hur man aktiverar Google Nu om man har Google Apps hittas här

How to: move or remove the “Leave A Reply” link in the Twenty Twelve theme

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This post describes how to move or remove the “Leave a reply” link that appears below the post heading in the Twenty Twelve theme for WordPress.


Link placement before edit…

The fastest and easiest way for a self hosted blog is to simply override the CSS styles that governs the link by editing the custom CSS that is part of WordPress:


Link to Edit CSS in the WordPress admin site.

By adding the following CSS styles the link is moved:

#content .post {
    position: relative;

#content .comments-link {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 1em;

#content .post {
    padding-bottom: 3em;



(The first two rules moves the link to the bottom, the last one adds some padding that I felt was needed)

The result is that the “Leave a reply” link is below the post, as seen below:


Link placement after edit…

If you rather not have the link at all, it is easily removed by adding the following CSS:

#content .comments-link {
    display: none;



Result after display:none;


The actual comments box is still visible and available in the post itself in case you still want to be able to get comments on posts.