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    1. Stefan Johansson Post author

      Hi Drew,

      Yes, there are environmental limitations to the number of rows the App can insert into Excel. This depends on a few factors, such as the computer speed, connection speed, available memory etc, as well as the limitations of the Office App JavaScript API.
      Up to 20-30 years should not be an issue for most computers but if you require larger ranges you can either insert chunks of years based on the maximum working range or possibly use one of the Azure Data market based time/date data feeds. They load directly into a data model and can contain much larger data sets.

      If the App is unsuccessful Excel will show a red x in the top left corner and complain that the App has timed out/stopped responding/stopped working. By restarting the App it is possible to insert time information again.
      Note that there is currently no setting to exclude the heading from the insert so that row would have to be manually removed if multiple data sets are created below each other.

      Kind Regards,


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