SQL Server Analysis Services Cube Status Web Part for SharePoint

The Cube Status project provides a SharePoint Web Part that connects to a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services instance and shows the status of a specific cube.

The project provides a .wsp file that can be deployed to a SharePoint Farm. The solution contains a feature that contains a web part that can be deployed to a web part enabled page. The web part connects to a cube of your choice and displays the current status of that cube.

This is useful for BI portal type pages where information about the current status of BI resources are of benefit.

This project, with the .wsp file and the source code etc is available at CodePlex at: cubestatus.codeplex.com

This project can be used together with the SQL Server Agent Job Status Web Part project available at: http://jobstatus.codeplex.com

The project source code is available on CodePlex and can easily be modified to support your business needs. If you require custom development or have suggestions for improvements, please contact me. If you find bugs or issues, please use the issue tracker on CodePlex.