Master of Science, Computer and Systems Sciences

Stockholm University,, 2003-2008

Master’s degree in Computer and Systems Sciences.

Computer and Systems Science, Psychology, IT and Communication Sciences, Project Management, Education. At Stockholm University, Sweden.

Certificate of Proficiency, Computer Science

The University of Auckland ,, 2005

Studies in computer science at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Data Communications Fundamentals, Language Implementation, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics.

Computer Science

Royal Institute of Technology,, 2006-2008

Studies in computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Server-side Programming for SQL servers, data-warehousing for SQL servers, XML in Relational
Databases, Advanced Administration of Relational Databases, Reporting Services for SQL Servers.

Computer Science

Gotland University,, 2004-2005

Studies in computer science at Gotland University, Visby, Sweden. 

Programming in C++, programming in C#, Software Engineering, Micro Computer Systems, Game Analysis and Design.