How to: move or remove the “Leave A Reply” link in the Twenty Twelve theme

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This post describes how to move or remove the “Leave a reply” link that appears below the post heading in the Twenty Twelve theme for WordPress.


Link placement before edit…

The fastest and easiest way for a self hosted blog is to simply override the CSS styles that governs the link by editing the custom CSS that is part of WordPress:


Link to Edit CSS in the WordPress admin site.

By adding the following CSS styles the link is moved:

#content .post {
    position: relative;

#content .comments-link {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 1em;

#content .post {
    padding-bottom: 3em;



(The first two rules moves the link to the bottom, the last one adds some padding that I felt was needed)

The result is that the “Leave a reply” link is below the post, as seen below:


Link placement after edit…

If you rather not have the link at all, it is easily removed by adding the following CSS:

#content .comments-link {
    display: none;



Result after display:none;


The actual comments box is still visible and available in the post itself in case you still want to be able to get comments on posts.

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10 thoughts on “How to: move or remove the “Leave A Reply” link in the Twenty Twelve theme

  1. Joie

    Only one wee problem. Although the ‘Leave a Reply now shows up at the bottom only, when I attempt to share it, the Leave a Reply still ends up in the beginning of the first sentence of my post. Any ideas on how to remedy that? I hope it is as easy as deleting code from the Editor . . .

  2. Mai

    Thank you so much for this!!! I just created/started my blog and I am sooo overwhelmed and frustrated, I am already about to quit. I can’t even believe I found myself here as I was not sure how to google my question and frustration!


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